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Jim Kleefeld
Great Service
Christian, Twice I have ordered products from you and twice I have received great products in a remarkably short time. The Heirloom cards, coin and Metamorphosis are very high quality and the service is remarkable, especially for overseas. Thank you for your excellence in merchandising.
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Custom Printed Deck

Click to enlargeFinally your dream comes true! Order your own custom poker deck, with your own custom back. You next performance cannot get more professional.

Or your let me print the logo of your client onto a deck where you will perform in near future. Can you imagine a better impressiont? Or just use a single card and put it into a Bicycle deck as the cards look the same, have the same size and faces. You will find more information about the cards on the page "Your own cards".

The price for the first deck is a combination of a one time creation fee of 20 Euro plus 25 Euro for the print. (Prices given for EU customers incl. 19 % VAT, the prices for non-EU customers is 28 US$ for the one time fee and 35 US$ for printing the deck.) For additional identical decks choose the following item so that you only will pay 25 Euro / 38 US$ per deck.

So please choose the item for your first deck and the item additional Haicicle Poker deck for every additional deck.

Phoenix custom Poker deck
(Item-No. custom)

Choose from the following back designs or send me your own custom design by email that I will print on the backs of the cards. (If you want to provide your own custom back then choose back design 12). Finally choose your favourite back color.

Custom Back 1 Custom Back 2 Custom Back 3 Custom Back 4
Back design 1 Back design 2 Back design 3 Back design 4
Custom Back 5 Custom Back 6 Custom Back 7 Custom Back 8
Back design 5 Back design 6 Back design 7 Back design 8
Custom Back 9 Custom Back 10 Custom Back 11 Custom Back 12
Back design 9 Back design 10 Back design 11 Back design 12

During the checkout process you have the opportunity to tell me the information that I have to print onto the backs. Or you can send me your logo or your back design by email referring to your order confirmation. You will receive an email with a proof of your back design so that you have the possibility to see it before it is been printed. Only after giving your design free the cards will be produced. So you will know what you will get!

(EU) 55,00 €
(Non-EU) 63.00 US$

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