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Bill Palmer
Wonderful cards!
Card-Shark: What can I say about your cards that hasn't been said already? The designs are beautiful, the quality is excellent and the concepts behind the material are charming. The Heirloom Cards are the perfect companions to the Losander Haunted Box. The Mittelalter Tarot is the best I have seen for story and bizarre magic. And Metamorphosis is one of the best pieces for storytellers I have ever seen. Thanks for giving us such wonderful toys!
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Phoenix Cards and Effects

Photographic Memory - Christian Knudsen
(Item-No. 361)

The Ultimate A.C.A.A.N.

Imagine this perfect effect: A spectator selects and remembers a playing card by freely touching any card in the deck with his index finger. Another spectator names a random number between 1 and 52. The chosen card is found in the exact desired position of the deck.

And these are the advantages of Christian Knudsen's "Photographic Memory":

  • You can spread out the cards openly and entirely at any given time, the audience views an entire deck and no duplicates can be detected.
  • The front and back side of all cards can be shown without restraint, they are not specially printed.
  • The spectator may select any number between 1 and 52, he is not limited in his choice.
  • Handling is not subject to secret maneuvers.
  • The deck is simply picked up and the cards are counted out to the desired number.
  • No memorized deck.
  • No calculations in the back of your mind.
  • Utmost concentration on selling the effect to the audience.
  • No stooges or pre-show work.
  • Only one deck of cards is used.
  • Ready for action again immediately after the performance.
(EU) 45,00 €
(Non-EU) 49.00 US$

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