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Jan Forster
So einfach geht's-für uns!
Hallo Christian, Große Klasse, die Qualität Deiner Karten! Für mich war es jedenfalls einfach ein Vergnügen, so schnell und einfach an einen Satz Karten für Wesley James' großartige Routine "Watch the Wild Ace" zu kommen. Jan
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The Cut
(Art.Nr. CSE-12)

The Cut by Moustapha Berjaoui & Jose Antoine (Instant Download)

The cut is a versatile system that allows you to perform numerous effects from the comfort of your own home or right in front of your audience

"The Cut is one of the most interesting systems I’ve ever seen! It allows you to create real miracles, even more NOW for these crazy times. Moustapha and Jose have done and great job! Fantastic guys! BLOODY AMAZING!"
Gustavo Vierini

"I discovered Moustapha with InstaForce. He’s really clever guy. When he performed The cut on me I was blown away. He created with Jose such a beautiful trick that you can perform in real life and on zoom. Trust me, click on buy button, you won’t be disappointed. And keep an eye on him, he’s really the guy to follow"
Stephane Mansiet

"Moustapha strikes again. This is a phenomenal 52 card prediction for your zoom show!"
Riccardo Berdini 

"The Cut is a great take on a classic principle that will create a miracle in the spectator's hands!"
Luca Volpe 

"interesting principle, it intrigued me the first time I saw it !"
Think Nguyen 

Imagine holding up a card, millions of miles away from your participant, over zoom. The participant shuffles & cuts the deck multiple times. The performer never touches the deck yet he is easily able to predict the final outcome.

  • Very easy to do
  • Multiple routines included
  • Additional ideas from Michael Murray
  • it's perfect for both Real life & Zoom Shows

You Get:

  • PDF
  • Instructional video
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group (with extra Exclusive content)
17,99 €

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