Excellence in high quality card magic
Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed
Love your practical artistic work!
Christian, We had a great time with you at the 2008 SAM/IBM Convention. Thanks for the great memories and fun. We love the beautiful artistic cards that you have created and use them with joy and pride. You're the best (and so are your cards!) Roland and Susan Tucson, AZ USA
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Card-Shark recommends

Akronym - by Conjuring Labs
(Item-No. 800401)

Impromptu, reliable, and phenomenal.

Imagine this: a spectator, Jade, rolls an imaginary die, and decides that the result is 3. Then, with her phone, she consults any Wikipedia article out of millions, for example The Beatles.
She sees that there are links to other pages, in this case Liverpool, Rock, John Lennon, Album, etc... Then, she clicks on a link to navigate randomly from page to page; all her choices are noted down gradually. For example:


The magician then circles the 3rd letter of each word, to reveal

Key Points:

  • This is not an app!
    There is nothing to download, secretly install, or update.
  • Completely original effect
    Your spectators have never seen a similar effect, which allows you to stand out from other mentalists who mostly perform mind-reading.
  • The phone is borrowed
    You can perform it in any circumstances, it only requires a spectator to have a phone with an internet connection.
  • You have nothing to hide
    Akronym is natural and fluid to perform. All actions are performed in front of the spectators. You never have to hide the phone screen, no NFC tag, QR code, or strange URL to secretly type. The spectator will suspect absolutely nothing.
  • Nothing in your pockets, 7-minute routine
    You don't have to carry anything with you, not even your own mobile phone. Whether you're in close-up, on stage, or in a situation where you didn't even plan to perform
    something, you have a 7-minute routine at your disposal.
  • Leave a personalized memento for your spectators
    Tear off the notepad page with the spectator's first name and leave it as a souvenir.
  • Ideal personalized revelation for a company
    Reveal the name of a company from several words chosen by different collaborators.
    It's the perfect effect!
  • Visual effect
    Visual effects are always more memorable for spectators, but are unfortunately rare in mentalism. The final image of Akronym alone tells the story of the trick and its impossibility.

Akronym FAQ:
What will I receive?
Private and personal access to the Akronym system. It allows you to perform the routine on any borrowed smartphone. A quick video tutorial for immediate understanding, and a
detailed video to present the psychological subtleties of the routine, presentation possibilities, etc... A manual that allows you to easily find the basic procedure to perform Akronym.

Does Akronym require secret preparation?
There is no secret preparation, and you don't even have to activate Akronym before you start.

Do I need to have my phone with me?
No, and you can even perform Akronym if you don't own a mobile phone (we know, it's unlikely).

Do I need to know the spectator's first name before starting Akronym?

How can I ensure that everything is working well before/during the routine?
Throughout the performance, you receive feedback that assures you everything is working as you desire. This makes it a very comfortable routine to perform. No more anxiety about wondering if everything is working correctly.

In which language can I perform Akronym?
Currently, Akronym can be performed in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

(EU) 89,00 €
(Non-EU) 99.00 US$

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