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Jose Rivera
real good!
All the vintage card are perfect, nice work! Waiting for news about new products of the medieval tarot. :)
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Tossed Out Memories
(Item-No. 800090)

"Tossed Out Memories" is an effect that is clearly one of our personal favourites. Of course, the basic structure is an adaptation of the classic Tossed Out Deck. But compared to David Hoy's wonderful effect, we have not only replaced the playing cards with picture cards, but also individualised the motif identification and assignment. The deck uses the same motives as our Depicting Thoughts Picture Card Deck and can therefore also be used perfectly in combination with this effect.

The performer can immediately describe the characteristic features of each individual performer's personal motif; using a simple but sophisticated fishing system, the specific, personal motif of each performer can be determined and named individually. This is why the Tossed Out Memories Deck is also ideal for a performance with just one spectator.

The Plot:

Several participants freely and unobserved select different motifs from a stack of picture cards and link them to their own personal memories. The presenter then correctly describes the thoughts, memories and feelings of the spectators, correctly names - if desired - the various chosen motifs and assigns them individually to the correct persons.

This brief description summarises the key points of the routines possible with these special picture card decks in a few words - but it does not come close to doing justice to the impact and the ‚impossibility' of this effect, even in the eyes of experienced performers:

  • The spectators see the deck of picture cards with their completely different motifs.
  • Participants can open the deck in their own hands at any desired point.
  • The performer is not near the deck when selecting the motif

The Tossed Out Memories deck has four forcing motifs. This means that even without further investigation you know for sure that, for example, four participants have always seen one of these four motifs.

We offer our Tossed Out Memories deck in three different variants. The decks differ in terms of the forcing motifs and, accordingly, the exact wordings for determining the motif. So if you treat yourself to not just one, but two or even three different Tossed Out Memories decks, you can repeat the routine several times without running the risk of redundant target motifs standing out.

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