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Steve Brooks
Bursting into Flames!
Christian, It was great meeting you while I was in Las Vegas attending the World Magic Seminar. I believe you to be an honest and sincere person whos passion for the art can truly be seen and appreciated by the high quality magic products you have produced. Based on the reactions I saw in other magicians in Las Vegas, I believe your Phoenix Deck is now officially bursting into flames! With the birth of your Phoenix Deck magicians are no longer under the tyranny of the Bicycle brand. That being the case, any high quality gimmicked card can now be produced and used in everyday performances. Indeed, we are limited only by our own imaginations. Long live the Phoenix Deck!
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Card Effects

Letter Deck - Standard Edition
(Item-No. 300610)

Imagine the possibilities of an innocently looking deck of playing cards that - on your command - can display any word, name or message! Alexander Kölle, creator of Science Friction, the most versatile roughing fluid, has done it again and comes up with a great utility deck that gives you endless possibilities.

Here are just some ideas:

  • Secret Messages
  • Spectator's Names
  • Card Values
  • Revelations
  • Company or Product Names
  • Cities or Locations
  • even phone or other important numbers with the included "1" and "0" digits.

To give you the maximum amount of possibilities for writing information, we removed the letters that are normally in every Poker Deck anyway. On these free spaces, we added the most commonly used letters.
Here is an overview:

All in all you get 72 cards with letters. This means we put together 56 custom printed cards with letters or numbers in one corner. The 16 additional cards with the letters "A", "J", "Q" and "K" are taken from the additional deck that comes with the Letter Deck. With this overview you can check if you are able to spell an important name or message so that you will not be disappointed when an important letter is missing to write a certain text. In worst case get a second deck!

The Letter Deck itself is marked on its back. It will allow you to remove the necessary letters face down. The additional cards for the letters "A", "J", "Q" and "K" come from an UNMARKED regular Phoenix Deck in the Standard Edition or from a Marked Deck in the Deluxe Edition. That means: in the Standard Edition you will remove the necessary cards face up, in the Deluxe Edition you can remove the cards either way; face up or face down.

The Standard Edition includes:

  • The Letter Deck - marked on the backs
  • A regular Phoenix Deck - to complete the Letter Deck with the letters "A", "J", "Q" and "K"
  • Online Videos that will teach you the handling, including several routines

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • The Letter Deck - marked on the backs
  • The Phoenix Marked Deck - to complete the Letter Deck with the letters "A", "J", "Q" and "K"
  • The NewDist Deck that allows to either show a random deck or to completely turn it blank letting the message stand out even more
  • A regular Phoenix Deck
  • Online Videos that will teach you the handling, including several routines

You are ordering the Standard Edition of the Letter Deck with red Phoenix backs.

(EU) 35,00 €
(Non-EU) 35.00 US$


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