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Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed
Love your practical artistic work!
Christian, We had a great time with you at the 2008 SAM/IBM Convention. Thanks for the great memories and fun. We love the beautiful artistic cards that you have created and use them with joy and pride. You're the best (and so are your cards!) Roland and Susan Tucson, AZ USA
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Card Effects

Machine - by Aaron Fisher
(Item-No. 300511)

Machine is the most powerful Color Changing Deck on the market, and finally is also available as a Phoenix Edition. Aaron Fisher started with a classic self-working effect by Dai Vernon. Then, he added a powerful visual transformation. He finished by working out the routine over thousands of performances. The 35 minute instructional video is directed by world-class magician Wayne Houchin. It includes everything Aaron learned along the way!


  1. Only requires basic card handling. You’ll be performing this miracle in minutes. Promised.
  2. The most powerful Color Changing Deck Effect on the market.
  3. Totally Examinable. After performing Machine, proceed with a clean deck. It’s commercial and can be performed in every close-up scenario imaginable!

The Deets:

  • Turn a red deck blue or a blue deck red! You’ll receive both gimmicks for one low price.
  • Makes a perfect closer, and the ideal follow up to Aaron’s hit Vanishing Deck Effect Panic!
  • This Phoenix Edition also includes a red Phoenix Deck and a blue cardcase, so that it is completely self-contained.
(EU) 24,50 €
(Non-EU) 24.50 US$

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