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Steve Brooks
Bursting into Flames!
Christian, It was great meeting you while I was in Las Vegas attending the World Magic Seminar. I believe you to be an honest and sincere person whos passion for the art can truly be seen and appreciated by the high quality magic products you have produced. Based on the reactions I saw in other magicians in Las Vegas, I believe your Phoenix Deck is now officially bursting into flames! With the birth of your Phoenix Deck magicians are no longer under the tyranny of the Bicycle brand. That being the case, any high quality gimmicked card can now be produced and used in everyday performances. Indeed, we are limited only by our own imaginations. Long live the Phoenix Deck!
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Card Effects

Visa Versa - by Michel Huot
(Item-No. 300710)

We present our first colaboration with Michel Huot!

Imagine you have a card game with immigration stamps from around the world. Each card contains a country, its immigration stamp and further information like capitol name, spoken language, population etc.

This deck of cards adds a whole new flavor to your classic Invisible Deck routine and builds a connection with your spectators in a completely different way. Have the spectator mentally choose a country to visit once traveling becomes easy again. (If their country of choice is too exotic, you and your spectator will find a list of all 54 countries in the world included).

You spread the deck between your hands and one card appears as the only face down card in the face up fan. You remove this card to show that this is the exact card of the country chosen by the spectator.

The deck has several built-in secrets that make the performance extremely easy. The deck can be performed in a variety of ways, not just the Invisible Deck style. Front and back sides are marked.

With English video instructions by Michel Huot.

(EU) 35,00 €
(Non-EU) 35.00 US$

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