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Jeffrey Stokes
Wonderful Cards!
I just received my custom cards, and they are spectacular! The quality and service I received far exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be ordering from you again! Thanks, Jeff
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Gems from the Desert - Paul Stone
(Item-No. 500760)

Paul Stone presents you his Gems from the Desert. This is a collection of five strong tricks, coming with all necessary cards to perform them.

The great thing about all these five tricks are, that they're all really commercial, but easy to do so you don't have to be a finger flinger and spend hours learning. You just learn the routines and get out and perform them.

We've also added a bonus trick. It's Bob Austin's trick called the Reverse Card Trick. This is a trick that has a move you've gotta learn, but once you've mastered it, it's perfect for walkaround gigs where you are entertaining two or three people.

Paul performed these tricks many times over numerous years, at private parties and trade shows, and they've always got a great reaction. Like with Sponge Balls, they might not fool you, but they will entertain and fool your audience.

The set comes with all necessary cards as well as a Leather Wallet to organize your packet tricks. English online video instructions as well as English playing cards (for the effects Everyone's a Winner, All the Same and Ten Max) are included.

(EU) 95,00 €
(Non-EU) 95.00 US$

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