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Christian's job is amazing. I am really excited both with his work which has great quality but also with his one of a kind customer service. All the best, Titanas
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Heirloom Deck
- both face variations included -
(Item-No. 035)

The most authentic vintage style poker cards for magicians worldwide.

Based on an Anglo-American deck of aprox. 1850 and a French card deck of 1810 this deck brings the past to life.

The cards show small indices that were invented around 1890. Several years later these indices grew bigger to their size they have today.

The cards seem to have seen many years pass by as they look old and worn. But in fact they are absolutely new and printed on the best playing card stock available (3-layer paper, linen structure, high flexibility, the same that you know from your favourite Bicycle deck).

The backs are marked in a very subtle way so that - if you like - you can easily find out which card is selected. Only those in the know will notice the secret. All the above features make this deck perfect for magicians.

For the first time you will get both the French and Anglo-American court cards with this deck. By switching out the 12 picture cards you completely change the appearance of this deck to match your style of magic.

(EU) 24,90 €
(Non-EU) 29.50 US$

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