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Steve Brooks
Bursting into Flames!
Christian, It was great meeting you while I was in Las Vegas attending the World Magic Seminar. I believe you to be an honest and sincere person whos passion for the art can truly be seen and appreciated by the high quality magic products you have produced. Based on the reactions I saw in other magicians in Las Vegas, I believe your Phoenix Deck is now officially bursting into flames! With the birth of your Phoenix Deck magicians are no longer under the tyranny of the Bicycle brand. That being the case, any high quality gimmicked card can now be produced and used in everyday performances. Indeed, we are limited only by our own imaginations. Long live the Phoenix Deck!
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Rex Ignis 2.0 - Impossible Heat Control
(Item-No. 800002)

Our Convention Hit of All Time is Finally Available online!! For over half a year this effect has sold out faster than we could make them. Manufactured in Germany, we have finally optimized the production process in order to produce sufficient quantities for our Online Shop!

Imagine this: You step up to a table in a restaurant. You take the restaurant's candle and place it in front of you. You tell your viewers that it is possible for you to focus your mental energies enough that you do not feel the heat of a flame, thus making your hand impervious to fire. To demonstrate this, you first ask a spectator to hold his hand over the candle flame and feel the heat of the fire. After he has convinced himself that it is indeed a real candle with a real flame, have your hands checked. (You have nothing to hide)

You pause for a short moment, focusing your thoughts and slowly place your hand directly over the candle flame at a height and length of time that would certainly burn and char flesh. You remove your hand from the candle and show your spectators your hand is unharmed.

Now you ask your participant to focus his/her thoughts as well. Ask him to imagine that he too can control his feelings; that he will not be burned by the candle flame. For example, he could imagine a thick layer of ice covers his hand. When he is ready, take his hand and hold it for a moment directly over the flame. He will actually feel nothing! However, you can control the moment when his focus is broken and the heat returns. At the snap of your fingers, the heat becomes unbearable and the spectator will have to pull his hand away from the flame.

Blow out the candle and if you wish, give it to your spectator as a souvenir.

Here are the facts:

  • Can be performed with short sleeves. No special clothing required
  • No sleight of hand necessary. Very easy to perform.
  • Any standard candle can be used immediately. It is 100% unprepared.
  • You spectator experiences the phenomenon.
  • Your hands are totally empty throughout the performance.
  • The heat can be “turned on and off” remotely.
  • Can be performed with other fire sources (oil lamp, lighter, etc.).
  • No set up time, because there isn't any. It's always ready for your performance.

You receive the ingenious Rex Ignis device from ParaLabs in cooperation with Card-Shark. The device makes this miracle possible. Includes online video instructions.

Become the King of Fire! Order yours today.......

(EU) 295,00 €
(Non-EU) 295.00 US$

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