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The Stranger - by Jonathan Levit
(Item-No. Stranger)

A card, a word, a serial number...anything you can imagine, is successfully named by a random person—a stranger—that you call based on a phone number randomly created by your audience members.

"The Stranger" is truly more than just a magic trick. It is an experience that you facilitate between you, the audience, and a complete stranger.

"The Stranger" offers unlimited scenarios: A playing card is chosen, a word is thought of from a Book Test, the numbers from someone’s address are named, an envelope is freely selected, or the name of someone’s loved one is offered…and then, a random stranger is called. The audience has a conversation with the stranger and the stranger reveals the information.

This is an impossible moment. It leaves the audience with a feeling they cannot explain and they erupt in applause! Not out of a desire to be kind, rather as an uncontrollable, visceral reaction. And it happens every time.

The possibilities are endless. With this purchase, you will receive the ability to have a playing card—any card using no force of any kind—revealed by a stranger. This can be performed anywhere, anytime. Other effects can be unlocked that will allow you to have a number or a word revealed, read an NFC tag, or to simply allow the audience member to speak and have key details revealed by the stranger on the other end of the call without the performer saying a word.

(To secretly communicate the playing card or other reveals to your live stranger, a subscription to the texting feature is required. The texting subscription is available for $3.99 USD per month)

This is perfect for the close-up or stage performer, an emcee, or when you want to destroy your audience in a casual setting. This is the trick to have on you at all times. If you have your phone, you have a miracle in your pocket.

Mind-Shark Philo Kotnik was involved in the development in the app and is also leading the German WhatsApp group of "The Stranger" users. Due to the close relationship with Jonathan Levit, creator of the app, we can offer you what no other dealer can offer: When you purchase the app through us, you can choose an additional module for free (The module Listen is 50 % discounted). And all users of "The Stranger" can even get a 10 % discount on the other modules when purchasing through us!

So here is the best way to benefit from our cooperation with Jonathan:

Step 1: Download the App for free onto your Iphone or Android phone and start your free 7-day  Trial Period, with access to all modules.


Step 2:  During your trial period play around with all possibilities, they are very powerful. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask. We have groups that can help you. Make sure that you do not do an in-app-purchase, as this will not give you the discount.

Step 3: Come back to this page and purchase your "Stranger" together with a free module of your choice. If you want to purchase other modules of the app, you can get a discount here as well.

Disclaimer: Your purchase you do when clicking on the "Buy Now" button is not with us but directly with Jonathan Levit, the creator of the app. We are affiliates, who want to let you benefit from our cooperation with Jonathan. Therefore your purchase will be in US$ without VAT, even if you are in the European Union.

"A revolutionary magic utility for the modern world!"
Michael Carbonaro

"There are very few effects that transcend ‘magic trick’ and take on the feeling of a happening. 'The Stranger' is one of those effects."
David Regal, "Genii Magazine"

"It f*%#ing crushed! One guy jumped out of his seat and ran out of the theater!"
Larry Wilmore

"So clever... the method alone opens up SO many possibilities"
Danny Garcia

"It may just be the most fantastic five minutes of entertainment possible with a cell phone!"
Jim Steinmeyer

"This is one of the strongest and most well put together phone app effects I've ever seen. This is one that every magician can do!"
Tony Clark

"I am having a blast with ‘The Stranger.’ A perfect, offbeat trick that I pull out when I want to send them over the edge."
Paul Gertner

"You did it! This is definitely the best 'Call a Stranger' idea ever! For the working pro to the beginner…it’s perfect for any magician that wants to have a true miracle in their pocket. This is a real winner!"
Dan Harlan

Please do not add this item to your shopping basket, but read the text above and purchase "The Stranger" and his modules by directly clicking the "Buy Now" Button above.

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