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Max Maven
Vintage playing cards
Top quality design and production, plus some very fertile gaffs. These cards are a delight. Max Maven
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Phoenix Double-Deckers

Welcome to a revolution in card-magic.

For the first time ever you can get a deck containing 104 cards that matches perfectly a professionally produced card deck. This allows new effects never possible before. Because a spectator will never expect that underneath the first 52 cards (54 with Jokers) is waiting another complete deck of playing cards.

Poker Double-Decker - Luke Jermay
(Item-No. 300330)

You have watched Luke Jermay's Penguin Live Lecture or his DVD Jermay's Mind? There you saw his brilliant approach to the Tossed Out Deck, using a Phoenix Double Decker with a certain setup.

We specially set up this deck for you (you still have to prepare the deck by glueing and marking the cards):

  • 1st half: full deck with standard faces with red backs, all cards shortened
  • 2nd half: 3-way force deck with red backs
(EU) 30,00 €
(Non-EU) 35.00 US$

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