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Mike Alan
Sa, 06.03.2010
The Phoenix Deck - Just Class
Just got the cards, well, just a Class Deck.
The Phoenix is flying
Mike Alan, Magician in London

Abraham Carnow
Mo, 15.02.2010
The wrong business?!
You do a great job.

Wonderful products, timely shipping, fully professional,
honest - are you sure you are in the magic business?

Terence Brabazon
Di, 08.09.2009
Sensational Work
Hi Christian,

I just received my order from you and I can just
say "amazing". The quality of the cards is first class
and I can see me spending many nights working with these.
The coins are superb and I was pleasently surprised to see
them come in the little leather purse you supplied (very
nice touch).

I´ll be showing these to the guys and recommending your
service to everyone (and that´s not because of the little
lollies you also supplied lol)

Terence Brabazon
Sydney Australia

Charlie Frye
Fr, 21.08.2009
Hey Christian,
I never thought I'd be replacing my old Bicycle friends,
but your Phoenix deck is killer.

I'm also completely enamored by your Gypsy Deck. The props
you put out are truly first class all the way. Bravo and

Steve Cohen
Do, 06.08.2009
Greetings from the Millionaire's Magician
I wish you much success with your magic, and your
I really like the style of cards you are
producing. Keep up the great work.


Blair Morris
Di, 04.08.2009
Vintage Style Cards
Every once and a while a new product comes along in magic
that hits the mark on every level, and doesn't let you
down in the slightest.......
Christian has done it with this set of cards.

Jeff McBride
Mi, 29.07.2009
Metamorphosis Pro
This is elegant magic that happens in the participant's
hands and lasting memory for many years to come!

David Williamson
Mi, 29.07.2009
Your Gypsy Deck
My search for an authentic-looking, usable, vintage deck is
The design is authentic and the quality is top notch.
And the fact that Christian offers a wide range of matching
gimmicked cards is just icing on the cake.
I'll always carry a deck in my professional kit.

Bill Palmer
Di, 14.07.2009
Wonderful cards!

What can I say about your cards that hasn't been said
already? The designs are beautiful, the quality is excellent
and the concepts behind the material are charming.

The Heirloom Cards are the perfect companions to the
Losander Haunted Box. The Mittelalter Tarot is the best I
have seen for story and bizarre magic.

And Metamorphosis is one of the best pieces for storytellers
I have ever seen.

Thanks for giving us such wonderful toys!

Marc Oberon
Mo, 13.07.2009
Metamorphosis Pro
That's very cute.

I'll use that.

Gary Brown
Sa, 20.06.2009
A Dream Come True!
Thanks to your excellent custom cards, I am now able to
perform my favorite packet effect using vintage, heirloom

The quality and craftmanship of these cards are
beyond compare; Christian showed great creativity and
attention to detail in making my idea a reality.

I have always wanted to perform certain effects with
alternative cards or variations -- this has opened a world
of new opportunities. I'm already planning my next order!

John Geiger
Mi, 17.06.2009
Got me thinking!
Taken by surprise with your original thoughts idea's. Got
me thinking how to use your company.See you at the
convention. John Geiger, Human,well sorta.

Lennart Green
Do, 21.05.2009
Cards for Connoisseurs
Everything that Christian 'Card-Shark' has created is
really artistic and tasteful. His Tarot Deck is a
beautiful piece of art with its ancient looking pictures.

This deck will really become a Classic Collector Item. The
Heirloom Deck and the Metamorphosis cards have similar
high quality finish. These products are made for the
sophisticated connoisseurs.

Thanks Christian.

Lee Asher
Do, 21.05.2009
I love this stuff!!!
There are only a few guys in this industry that produce
quality products.

Card-Shark.de is one of them!

I love this stuff!!!

Jim Kleefeld
Mo, 20.04.2009
Great Service
Twice I have ordered products from you and twice I have
received great products in a remarkably short time. The
Heirloom cards, coin and Metamorphosis are very high
quality and the service is remarkable, especially for
Thank you for your excellence in merchandising.

Charlie Frye
Sa, 18.04.2009
I am your biggest fan
I'm your biggest fan.

Love your creations.

Eric Lamkin
Sa, 18.04.2009
A huge fan
Simply beautiful and amazing. Absolutely, the best
purchase I have ever made. Your product looked great on
your website, but I had no idea that it would be of such a
high quality until I held it in my hands.

I'm now a huge fan and I can't help but purchase
everything that you produce.

Do, 12.03.2009
Hello Christian

Just received my Metamorphosis Pro, excellent quality and
fantastic fast delivery !

Will speak to you soon and keep well.


Jeffrey Stokes
Sa, 17.01.2009
Wonderful Cards!
I just received my custom cards, and they are
spectacular! The quality and service I received far
exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be ordering
from you again!


Sa, 27.12.2008
Hi from Spain
Hi from Spain, i'm Jeff, i will publish your web site to
several forums of magic here in Spain. I'm sure that you
going to be helpfull for lots of magicians.


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