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Gary Brown
A Dream Come True!
Thanks to your excellent custom cards, I am now able to perform my favorite packet effect using vintage, heirloom cards. The quality and craftmanship of these cards are beyond compare; Christian showed great creativity and attention to detail in making my idea a reality. I have always wanted to perform certain effects with alternative cards or variations -- this has opened a world of new opportunities. I'm already planning my next order!
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Gaffed Haicicle cards

Haicicle? What is that? Ok, it is just a small word joke. "Hai" means shark in german language and Haicicle is pronounced like you would pronounce "Highcicle". Get the point?

So did you ever wanted gaffed cards for your Tally Ho Deck? Or for Bee? Or Rambler, League, Piatnik Classic Poker etc.? Or perhaps your own 3-Card-Monte Cards with your own Logo printed on it? Due to my close business relations to a big european Playing Card Manufactury I am able to order their original playing card stock. That stock comes extreme near the quality of Bicycle Playing Cards, has the same linen structure, same look and feel, the same 3-layer structure and that is why I name it Haicicle. This stock is not available on the market! With all my produced packet tricks this playing card stock is used.

With this Haicicle stock I am able - as with the gaffed Bicycle Cards - to print your desired cards in a quantity of 1card! But with this Haicicle Stock I can also print over the edge of the card (without the anoying white border) as seen on Bee playing cards. Small quantities of 30 to 50 cards can now be produced to a reasonable price. Just contact me.

Here you find an overview over all available playing card backs. They all exist in a vektor file format, every color is possible. Even changes or imprint of your (or your clients logo) is possible.

And even if you can´t find your desired back it will be my pleasure to append it to my collection.

(Every brand name used is owned by the respected playing card company. I don´t want to produce whole playing card games, I just want to support magicians to get their ideas realised with the highest possible quality.)

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