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Card-Shark: What can I say about your cards that hasn't been said already? The designs are beautiful, the quality is excellent and the concepts behind the material are charming. The Heirloom Cards are the perfect companions to the Losander Haunted Box. The Mittelalter Tarot is the best I have seen for story and bizarre magic. And Metamorphosis is one of the best pieces for storytellers I have ever seen. Thanks for giving us such wonderful toys!
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Phoenix Parlour Decks

(Item-No. 400050)

BOND, Mentally BOND with Your Spectator!

Card-Shark is thrilled to offer one of our best selling effect: ESPionage, by Dave Humphrey with refinements by Charlie Frye!

Utilizing two sets of 5 ESP cards, your spectator’s card choices exactly match the order of YOUR face down cards. After mixing your respective packets of five ESP cards, you lay one ESP card face down on the table. Your spectator now tries to connect with your thoughts and places a card face down, hoping to match your selection. After all the cards are placed on the table in this fashion, it is revealed your spectator has done a perfect job of matching YOUR selections, card for card.

Only 10 Parlour Size ESP cards are used; no difficult sleights; Dave's and Charlie’s fool proof method makes it all possible!

(EU) 20,00 €
(Non-EU) 20.00 US$

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