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Card-Shark: What can I say about your cards that hasn't been said already? The designs are beautiful, the quality is excellent and the concepts behind the material are charming. The Heirloom Cards are the perfect companions to the Losander Haunted Box. The Mittelalter Tarot is the best I have seen for story and bizarre magic. And Metamorphosis is one of the best pieces for storytellers I have ever seen. Thanks for giving us such wonderful toys!
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New Releases

Memory Gears Card Clip
(Item-No. CSE-14)

Memory Gears is a card clip with a memorized stack design made by 808 magic and Horret Wu. The main purpose of this product is to help those who just start to learn memorized deck effects, being afraid of forgetting the stack order during the first few performances. Or for those who are still wondering if they want to jump into the world of memorized deck magic.

With this beautiful card clip it is possible to do some simple yet effective tricks without really memorizing the stack.

Originally, the card clip is invented by Joe Porper. It is used to protect the box of your precious deck of playing cards. Ever since Joe’s card clip came out, it became a popular and luxurious accessory in cardistry, among card magicians and card collectors.

A memorized stack is the fully memorized order of a deck of playing cards. By having a memorized deck in mind, countless miracles can be performed. The stack built in the design is the famous Mnemonica Stack, also known as the Tamariz Stack, created by Juan Tamariz.

By putting the Tamariz Stack on the stainless steel card clip, it becomes a powerful tool to give anyone a quick start to the world of memorized deck.

English instructions and routines included, comes without a deck of cards.

(EU) 35,00 €
(Non-EU) 35.00 US$

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