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Here you can find our newest creations that will appear at conventions near you. What is new is, that we are supplying all new effects with subtitles in English, German, French, Japanese and hopefully more languages within shortest period of time. You can activate your language by clicking on the CC symbol in the right bottom corner of each video.

Interested? Then let us know so we can inform you as soon as they will be available in our on-line store! This will happen in the near future.

The Sword of Za'Atar by Roger Nicot

Roger Nicot turned an old illusion into an intriguingly penetration effect where a stainless steel sword seemingly cannot block a coin as it passes through a wooden block several times.

The beauty about this effect is, all can be examined by the spectator before and after the performance. Each one is hand made by Roger with an addition that now makes the handling more than fair. And the great Kicker ending leaves your spectator with a big surprise!

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ORDER by Philo Kotnik

If every separation would be this easy!

As a full time performer, Philo Kotnik has developed an intriguing version of a colour separation.

Imaginge the fairest Out of this World approach without ANY fancy or obvious moves. Let your spectators believe in their own superpowers.

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Rex Ignis by Paralabs

Imagine you can control the heat of any candle flame. We are talking about ANY candle or open flame source, so tea lights, a zippo lighter or an oil lamp will work as well. While your mind will tell you that this is impossible, you leave your hand above the flame for any time you like, very close to the tip of the flame; you will no longer feel the heat!

Now imagine that you can ALSO enable a spectator to feel the same sensation: a flame without the heat! You guide his hand above the flame... no heat sensation, even after 10 or 20 seconds. You can step back while the spectator is experiencing this strange moment, as there is no body load on you. The candle can be borrowed as it is completely ungimmicked.

You control the moment when the heat will return, and this even from a distance, so the spectator will pull away his hand immediately! One of the strongest and most baffling effects we ever offered!

This is our first cooperation with ParaLabs, the German specialists for mentalism and magic effects. You will soon see more, but you HAVE to experience this effect live to believe it.

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Mind Power Traveler

A great routine with two Queens and a deck of cards.

Let the spectator mentally select a card from a deck. The Queens will not only help to identify which card was chosen, they will even catch that card from the deck in the most impossible way. The card is revealed between the queens for a split second; the chosen card then travels into the performer's trousers pocket. (No Palming Required!)

The Mind Power Traveler is a great addition to any Mind Power Deck (in case you have it) or it comes with the complete set.

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Warped in Space

A signed Impossible Object that is left with the spectator. A real signature piece.

Finish your Card Warp with Warped in Space or perform it on its own. Turn a playing card - that the spectator folded and signed by himself - into an impossible object while performing Card Warp.

Quentin Reynolds teaches a gimmicked and non-gimmicked version. (Certainly only the gimmicked version is examinable.)

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